Protesis Maxilofacial Guatemala


Maxillofacial Prosthetics Guatemala was born under the need to rehabilitate patients who have lost any body part or have a craniofacial abnormality of congenital origin or as a result of cancer, a disease or injuries through functional, aesthetic and orthopedic prostheses.

Prosthetic rehabilitation is performed when patients are not candidates for reconstructive surgery due to health conditions, age, extent of organ to reconstruct or simply do not wish to undergo more surgeries.

Our team consists on highly trained professionals in various specialties.

Social collaboration

After noted that several of these needs could not be covered by all population we decided to create an alternative program of social collaboration in conjunction with the Fundación para la Salud Oral (FUNDASO).

If you want to collaborate with our social programs, contact us, together we can help many people

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