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• Prosthetic Eye

Maintenance of prosthetic eye

To ensure proper maintenance and long life of prostheses daily cleaning is necessary.
Every 3, 6 or 12 months visit the maxillofacial prosthetist, so he can check the prosthesis and the eye cavity to detect in advance if it is necessary to make any changes to maintain optimum condition of the tissues.

If I haven´t wear a prosthesis for many years, can I wear one now

Of course. No matter for how long you haven´t worn a prosthesis, the only variation would be the need or not of an ocular orthopedic treatment.

What could happen if I don´t change my prosthetic eye

First, it is necessary that a specialist check your prosthesis and indicates you if it is appropriate for your ocular cavity, otherwise the prosthesis can deform the orbital tissues and won´t achieve a good aesthetic result on long term. The time to change prosthesis varies according to the maintenance you have given to it, but generally takes place every 2 years, for hygiene reasons and to get the best out of the prosthesis materials.

What benefits does a customized prosthetic eye have over prefabricated prosthetic eyes

The prefabricated or stock prosthesis, are mass- produced and have standard measures, as they are not created for any particular person they won´t fit exactly on any patient, also materials will degrade before since they have been made months or years before a patient begin to wear it. Unlike custom-made prostheses which are manufactured to fit exactly into a specific ocular cavity, so it will not cause any adverse effect or deformation of the tissues, they are also made with materials that begin their lifespan from the moment it is manufactured.

Can a prosthetic eye have a natural eye mobility

The prosthesis will never move exactly as a natural eye, but the surgical techniques and intraocular implants placing, improve greatly the prostheses mobility; although this varies depending on the characteristics of surrounding tissues.

Can I do all kind of activities if I wear a prosthetic eye

The loss of an eye affects on depth perception. All the activities that require short distance work can be frustrating at first, but with time you will learn the necessary adjustments.

Can I play sports if I wear a prosthetic eye

You can play many sports without fear of dislodging the prosthesis, such as running, aerobics, football, basketball, baseball, tennis and many more. But if you would like to swim it is recommended to wear goggles to prevent dislodging the prosthesis when rubbing water off your face.

From what age on can a child wear a prosthetic eye

Children with congenital anophtalmia (absence of one or both eyes at birth) it is very important to begin treatment from 1 month old. In other children and teenagers is important to begin treatment as soon as possible, aesthetic results will be improved if the treatment begin even before the eye removal surgery.

Why is important to receive an ocular orthopedic treatment

The treatment will prevent in children and teenagers from 0 to 18 years old the deformation of orbital tissues, providing appropriate stimulation for symmetrical growing of the face. In adults the treatment will mold orbital tissues seeking better aesthetics and mobility of the prosthesis.

What are surgical eye shapers/ conformer shells

Devices placed after an eye surgery that will avoid tissue deformation and guide them while healing, all of that focused on keeping functions and mold orbital tissues for the future prosthesis.

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